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It’s that simple and there are super cool Gold and Platinum Pay It Forward (PIF) opportunities where you can spread the love by helping other green business minded individuals. Just match your support level against the 3, 6 and 12 month GEN Memberships listed.

You support a CFS approved project and you Reward is a green business opportunity!

A Substantial Reward Opportunity – While most Crowd Funding sites offer gifts with little or no real value Crowd Funding Station (CFS) is proud to provide its supporters with substantial and exclusive Crowd Funding Rewards. This generous offer by Global Environmental Network (GEN) is HOT which is why it is our FEATURED REWARD!

About GEN – Global Environmental Network (GEN) is in pre-launch mode and will soon launch an environmental business that you can run from your home as an Independent Business Owner. GEN offers eco-friendly products, services and educational/advancement seminars through a unique venue called Green Pathways.

The green business structure that GEN provides (not an MLM) is highly unique. While GEN does not offer a get rich quick scheme the long term earning potential for top GEN Independent Business Owners is absolutely incredible.

If you are not looking to build a green business of your own please keep in mind that with this Featured Reward YOU have the opportunity to financially empower or help others to get back on their feet by using our Pay It Forward (PIF) program

How This Came About – GEN’s primary goals are to help people, create change and financially empower green minded individuals. GEN is currently in pre-launch mode creating the perfect opportunity for CFS Supporters to obtain incredible Rewards that GEN has very generously agreed to provide. CFS felt this is the perfect opportunity for CFS Supporters to obtain Rewards that can help bring about change extending well beyond the project that they offer to support.

Environmental and business minded individuals – Will absolutely love this GEN Reward. CFS has the exclusive crowd funding opportunity to provide this to our supporters and to our knowledge no other group has ever offered anything like this before.

The Gold & Platinum Package PIF Programs are straight forward and simply:

  • You can generously provide free positions to family, friends and business associates, or
  • GEN (with CFS oversight) will place the PIF member positions for you, and
  • Meanwhile your PIF will help YOU build your GEN green business. This means you’ll receive commissions from sales when these individuals buy products, services and advanced courses through GEN.  You also earn commission from people they sign up!

FAQs – Key points YOU should know about GEN

Q – After I select the GEN Membership as my Reward how soon will I receive my Reward?
A – We expect initial GEN Rewards to be received within five business days. GEN is currently in pre-launch mode so once their programming is completed everything will become automated. All GEN Members will receive periodic GEN updates.

Q – How soon can I begin selling GEN Memberships, products, services and courses?
A – You can start immediately upon receiving your GEN Membership Number. To obtain this all required paperwork must be satisfactorily completed.

Q – Are all products, services and courses available for immediate deliver?
A – Unlike most online businesses that offer one product or product line GEN offers a wide variety of green products, services and courses. Since GEN is in pre-launch mode we cordially request our CFS Supporters to respect the fact that this is a new business. As a result the development and launch of these products and services will greatly expand over time.

Q – Is GEN an MLM?
A – No, GEN only pays two individuals (Primary Sponsor, and a Support Sponsor) for each membership, product, service or educational and advanced learning courses. Note: Generally MLM pay numerous levels, those paying more than two people are usually considered MLM.

Q – Is there a way for me to gift the GEN Reward to a friend or family member that would really like to build a green work-from-home business?
A – Yes!  You can keep the GEN Reward, or provide it to specific person you know, or use our Pay It Forward Program and allow CFS to deliver the GEN Membership(s).

Q – Are GEN Memberships offered through any other Crowd Funding Group?
A – No, Crowd Funding Station has an exclusive arrangement whereby GEN Memberships are delivered to CFS Supporters at no charge.

Q – Why would GEN provide their memberships for free?
A – Both GEN and CFS strongly believe in the Pay It Forward (PIF) concept. Both entities also believe it is best to lead by example and that helping people should be a cornerstone for all businesses.

Q – Are all GEN membership levels available in the Pay It Forward program?
A – With one exception, yes. If you elect to have GEN select the individuals that are to receive the PIF Memberships then, a) GEN requires the PIF’s to be limited to 3 months and the PIF’s are also limited to Level 1 or Level 3 Memberships only, and b) GEN also reserves the right to apply other requirements that are aimed at maximizing the overall success of the PIF Program.  The primary objective of PIF Program is to help as many individuals as possible.

Q – Many businesses state they have “green or social” oriented programs when in fact it is really only a ploy to make them look good. How does GEN compare to such companies?
A – CFS feels the fact that GEN is providing green work-from-home positions for free while enabling supporters to claim a memberships as a Reward pretty much speaks for itself.

Q – How do the Pay It Forward program that GEN is offering compare to other PIF programs?
A – We have found while there are lots of PIF programs out there the fact is there are very few non-MLM work-from-home businesses that offer a substantial PIF program.

Q – What is GEN’s position on creating change through various forms of advocacy?
A – GEN is a member of The Environmental Community and has a clear mission of helping people, saving the environment and creating social change.

Q – Aside from all the green products, services and advancement courses that GEN provides does GEN help support other environmental initiatives?
A – Yes GEN contributes a fat Ten Percent (10%) to the non-profit Race To Save Earth and in turn that group supports global initiatives to protect our air, water and land resources.

Crowd Funding Station’s assessment of GEN – By design GEN creates a multi-directional social green business environment. Individuals that are either looking to establish a unique green business from home, create change or those who would like to help others, the matching Rewards that GEN is providing are exceptional.

If You support creating change then:

  1. Select a CFS project to support
  2. Determine amount of support you wish to provide
  3. Complete the associated Independent Business Owner’s (eco) membership

Thank you!        



The Environmental Community is a membership organization with a mission of uniting both for profit and non-profit entities that have a key component or can contribute toward creating global change.

Gain Recognition while Supporting Eco Change – You choose an endangered species then make a contribution to TEC and those monies will be applied directly to the specific project that you select. Only projects that are approved by TEC qualify and the criteria is that entities that create change through advocacy, education or that will reduce harmful effects on our air, water or land all qualify since contaminants threaten all species.

About TEC – The Environmental Community is a key membership site within a large environmental and social platform. This platform with over 180 websites including numerous non-profit entities and other green businesses will launch in 2012.

Thank you for your support!

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