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Crowd Funding Station distinctly separates itself from conventional crowd funding entities:

  1. Crowd Sourcing Station (B2B Partner to CFS) locates green minded businesses that are willing to provide tangible products or services for free. CSS then contracts to pass these gifted products or services directly to members of Crowd Funding Station as Rewards.
  2. Generally CFS only approves Rewards that meet fundamental requirements:

a)    The goods must be real and services must fulfill a constructive purpose.

b)    Rewards should enrich, educate or otherwise enhance people’s lives.

3.  CFS believes in giving, so more often than not you can provide Rewards to:

a)    Friends

b)    Family members, or

c)    Others through our Pay It Forward programs

Rewards Example – To gain clear perspectives on this imagine a Green Hotel opening and naturally it needs to attract a large number of eco-minded guests quickly to occupy their suites. Via a forward thinking PR Manager for the hotel Crowd Sourcing Station enters the picture. CSS obtains the no strings attached gift of 300 weekend get-a-way stay along with 60 five night stays for free.

This new green hotel is looking for eco-minded guests so CSS then simply transfers these gifted hotel stays directly to CFS Members that select a funding project designated and matches the criteria. CFS designs a program whereby green minded travelers or travel agents are attracted to a new travel related funding project.

The hotel receives green minded business, very positive green PR and its new guests are drawn from a new environmental movement. This is clearly a win, win scenario for all parties especially our CFS Members. This process represents a lot more work but we believe our members are worth it.


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