Rewards Offered

You will find the Rewards that are offered through Crowd Funding Station projects are very different from other crowd funding entities.  Through our B2B relationship with Crowd Sourcing Station we locate other green minded businesses that are willing to GIFT tangible products or services.

We feel that you, the Members of Crowd Funding Station, deserve real goods and services that are actually beneficial to your lives. In addition to being able to provide Gifts/Rewards to friends and family members, we also believe in helping others so we offer our Pay It Forward programs.

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Must Read Details

To commemorate the launch of Crowd Funding Station we selected several entities that are all members of The Environmental Community.  We did so for several reasons:

  1. Together they represent a collective push to bring about change. If there was ever a time when we need change that time would be now.
  2. Today more than ever, individuals and families need an additional income to offset:  job losses, inflation, cost of gasoline, heating oil and numerous other factors.  We feel the solution for many is Global Environmental Network (GEN).  See Additional Notes.
  3. Crowd Funding Station also supports Advocacy since it is a cornerstone for creating change.  Toward that end we are also providing memberships to several advocacy groups.

Additional Notes – GEN offers a genuine opportunity for individuals to generate additional income while building a green work-from-home business as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). GEN is not an MLM or a get rich quick scheme of any kind.

In the event you are not looking for such an opportunity then odds are you know someone your GEN Reward could favorably impact their life. These options include Gifting your Reward to a family member or friend.  Or, you may use our Pay It Forward program to provide this to someone you know, OR, if you like you may Pay It Forward and leave all the details to CFS to fulfill.

May those who choose one of the options above be blessed with good health and prosperity for their kind hearted generosity.

Reward Details

Since CSS negotiated a phenomenal deal with Global Environmental Network for the special membership Rewards offered on Crowd Funding Station we want to make several points clear so everyone:

a) Fully understands all aspects regarding GEN and its memberships, and

b) Appreciates the true spirit of what is being offered by GEN and how beneficial the membership can be for those individuals that select this unique Reward, provide it as a Gift, or Pay It Forward potentially enabling several individuals to benefit from their generosity.

Global Environmental Network

Part of GEN’s core mission is to financially help or empower people.  This makes GEN a ideal match for Crowd Funding Station.  We do want all participating parties to be fully aware of several points should you be interested in receiving a GEN Membership as a Reward.

  1. GEN is currently in pre-launch mode which means the site is still undergoing modifications toward their final build out.  GEN agreed to go live with the site a bit early so our CFS Members could start reviewing what this unique site offers.
  2. Based on early indications it looks like GEN’s official launch should occur in the first quarter of 2012. However to accomplish that a major program has to be implemented and this program will then generate the replicated websites for each of the Independent Business Owners (IBO’s).
  3. We want all members to be well informed regarding GEN memberships Rewards.  The following details are provided for us to work in spirit of cooperation and harmony so this unique type of rewards program can continue.  CFS strongly supports GEN Rewards and we hope you will too:

a)    Your 3, 6 or 12 month GEN Membership does NOT officially begin until your replicated GEN site is launched for you.

b)    THIS means the time between your Reward signup and GEN’s official launch is additional FREE time in your membership.

c)    Once you have become a paid IBO with GEN you can immediately start making money!

d)    GEN offers a wide variety of green products and services.

e)    Please read FAQs for additional details and “Thank You” for your support!

CFS Management Statement

Providing people with substantial Rewards is a labor of love for us. It is an honor to be able to work with and help people, we hope you feel the same way.

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