Power to Save the World

Power to Save the WorldPower to Save the World (PTSTW) is determined to create a green movement which will help spread awareness to the public about the current status of our planet and how using its innovative ideas and products – will help heal and preserve the health of our planet.

Global Warming is changing our climate and hurting ALL living species. This is caused in part by mankind’s reckless behavior. Global issues are haunting our planet and some of them are:

  • Global Warming increases the levels of carbon dioxide in the air.
  • Chemical Spills are affecting the marine population.
  • Deforestation affecting the quality of air we breathe.

These issues are increasing the toxicity of our planet.

Support this organization by donating either your time or money and know we have the Power to Save the World!

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5 Reward Options Available
  1. Green Business Opportunities
  2. Support A Major Eco Group
  3. Fundraising Positions
  4. Mega Pay It Forward Framework
  5. Eco Points For One Earth Cafe



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