American Seniors Demanding Change


American Seniors Demanding ChangeCitizens of America work until they turn 67, expecting retirement to be full of benefits, because that is the way it should be after working towards your life’s goals and mentally creating the retirement style you desire. Unfortunately, that isn’t what is happening today – because of forces outside of our scope have created barriers to this type of lifestyle.American Seniors Demanding change (ASDC) supports these ideals and asks likeminded people to join our venture – to help our seniors get the information in regards to good health, fitness, entertainment, investment tips and various legal issues. ASDC is determined to bring about a revolutionary change for our American Seniors.Join hands in this venture and be a part of the revolution, which will reap great benefits for ALL of us at the end of the journey.

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5 Reward Options Available
  1. Green Business Opportunities
  2. Support A Major Eco Group
  3. Fundraising Positions
  4. Mega Pay It Forward Framework
  5. Eco Points For One Earth Cafe



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