Race To Save Earth

Race To Save EarthRace to Save Earth is an organization that provides education of the environment by creating awareness about our many issues and helps create an advocacy platform to empower activists towards our common goal – to reduce global warming and help improve the health of our planet.

This is the ONE Planet that can sustain life, but mans reckless and greedy habits are engulfing our earth with critical situations such as:

  • Oil leaks which endanger the lives and immunity of various marine animals and have decimated our coral reefs
  • Endangered wetlands which leads to soil erosion and has prevented nutrient recycling, in addition to the immediate effect to wildlife by loss of their habitat
  • Energy crises, which affects our means of transport and food, in addition to the strain on our personal budget regarding its cost
  • Pollution of land, water & air all which affects the health of our planet

Join hands with this eco-minded organization by either devoting your time or money. We can help create a whole new generation of activists focused on creating a brighter future, which will be enjoyed, by generations to come!


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2 Featured Rewards For Your Choice
  1. Independent Green Business
  2. Major Ecology Advocate Support



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