Save Our Oceans

Save Our OceansOceans and its inhabitants are coming under threat because of plastic pollution, over fishing and global warming. The habitat of Marine protected areas is under threat, and activities by humans are suffocating coral reefs with layers of sediment and trash. As a result the reefs are in jeopardy and one-third of them face extinction.

Oceans cover about 70% of the Earth’s surface and they supply 97% of water to the mankind. Oceans play an important effect on the biosphere. Oceanic evaporation is the source of most rainfall. Its temperature determines climate and wind patterns that affect life on land. The depth and distance from shore influence the amount and kind of plants and animals that live in the ocean.

Save our Oceans (SOO) is an organization which will help protect marine life and the lives of humans as well.

Join our cause and help by donating either your time or money. Our planet depends upon protecting our habitat and our oceans. Please help with this noble cause. There is no LIFE without Water.

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5 Reward Options Available
  1. Green Business Opportunities
  2. Support A Major Eco Group
  3. Fundraising Positions
  4. Mega Pay It Forward Framework
  5. Eco Points For One Earth Cafe



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