Foundation for Environmental Education


Foundation for Environmental EducationToday our Environment needs responsible people who can stand up and help create awareness. From the various issues such as biodiversity and how it is affecting our living organisms to the point that “Climate change” is a real problem that must be addressed by passionate activists and other likeminded individuals.

Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is determined to expand environmental literacy by reaching out to the people of diverse views and interests and helping them work towards a common goal. We will work with environmental groups, businesses, industries and government agencies to bring about education and knowledge in our green movement that can make a lasting impact.

There are answers out there today that will help revolutionize the planet. Environmental and energy solutions will help balance our ecosystem and reserve our planet’s resources for generations to come. We need your time and your money to help these desperately needed changes to move forward, securing the planet for future generations.

Let’s stand up and take Action!


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  2. Major Ecology Advocate Support



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