Animal Rights Advocacy

Animal Rights AdvocacyAll Lives require Equal consideration. Humans are subjecting animals to torture and pain. Animals are subjected to affliction in slaughterhouses and circuses. These animals, which provide us eggs and milk, are overcrowded in their pens. Their furs are scratched off their backs while they cry in pain.

All living creatures have a right to live Free from Pain and Suffering. Prejudice is morally unacceptable. We have no right to treat other creatures with disrespect. Animals feel Pain, Pleasure, Fear, Loneliness and Love but cannot express it.

Animal Rights Advocacy (ARA) is an organization that is here to help promote animal rights and improve the lives of the animals with which we share our planet. Helping these innocent animals is also helping us to create good karma and making our future secure for generations to come!


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5 Reward Options Available
  1. Green Business Opportunities
  2. Support A Major Eco Group
  3. Fundraising Positions
  4. Mega Pay It Forward Framework
  5. Eco Points For One Earth Cafe



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