Activist Wanted

Activists WantedToday we have so many environmental and health issues. These issues touch everyone’s lives from the food that we eat, the medications we take, to the environment that we will leave behind to our children. They range from deforestation and desertification, mountain top removal, rising ocean levels, GMOs, air and water pollutants and toxic contamination from fossil fuels to nuclear waste.

Global warming is an issue that then adds droughts, flooding and greatly magnified storm activities to the mix. Today we face the most significant environmental challenges that humanity has ever seen. The facts are very clear and for the first time, Pentagon planners include climate change among the issues requiring particular attention, as identified in the Quadrennial Defense Review for 2010.

The fact is today we are in a battle to save Earth and humanity. If we are to win this battle and save humanity we must significantly increase our number of activists at every level. This is why Activists Wanted was created.

Activists Wanted is part of a large environmental platform that collectively will bring about the significant changes that we urgently need. However this will not happen by itself which is why we are asking for your help. The Earth and its inhabitants seem to be at the tipping point and the positive momentum is building. We see changes from political to environmental with the movements that are sweeping countries and the world TODAY. Through activism and education, we can create lasting change that will impact the Earth in a positive way.

The fact is that it generally takes money to make things happen and today we no longer have the luxury of time. We need people to act NOW from those who can give to those who can spread the word to hundreds of others via the internet or media. If you can volunteer, provide goods or services then we ask you to contact us and offer to help. From those who are able to donate a few dollars to those who can afford far more, we need your support now.

Activists Wanted is a member of The Environmental Community and with your help we will create a new Green Movement. Please contribute what you can afford today, funding for Activists Wanted is urgently needed.
Phase 1: $2,700 Website development, SEO, deployment and maintenance Phase 2: $3,020 Budget to cover advertising and event costs for 2012 Phase 3: $4,000 Initiate extensive outreach campaigns and nonprofit criteria
Thank You for supporting “Activists Wanted”

Project Updates:

Activists Wanted is a core advocacy group and we have lined up some of the largest lists of people that are passionate about creating change. Better still we have also aligned both the entities and projects whereby this new wave of activism can trigger the biggest impact for society.

Activists Wanted will by design engage more individuals and equip or empower them creating a powerful network of activists. Activists Wanted is a member of The Environmental Community and those entities that are looking to create change we urge you to apply to TEC.

Join the revolution and help transform your favorite activist website into a global advocacy organization. Our programs will reach schools, communities and businesses everywhere. Become a part of change and support Activists Wanted!

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5 Reward Options Available
  1. Green Business Opportunities
  2. Support A Major Eco Group
  3. Fundraising Positions
  4. Mega Pay It Forward Framework
  5. Eco Points For One Earth Cafe



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