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The time has come that people like you and I need to demand change. IF you poll Democrats, Republicans and Independents today you will find more individuals dissatisfied with our politicians and state of affairs than ever before. A recent poll shows 80% of Americans are ready to vote out ALL members of Congress

Our goal is to create positive change and with your help we will build a website that can handle traffic and work to establish the Environmental Party. The Green Party has clearly failed to adopt any real or notable environmental change; or perhaps that was the plan all along. Regardless today YOU can help start a new green revolution by supporting like-minded individuals that are willing to do what it takes toward establishing the Environmental Party in the U.S.

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Today politicians are in a gridlock and many continue to support fossil fuels, chemicals and other big business agendas that are counterproductive to our society. Often their excuse is that they have to support these agendas or jobs will be lost. They play the fear factor card that Americans seem to fall for every time.

Naturally no one wants to hear how they, a friend or their neighbor may lose their job or realize an already ailing economy. However the truth is a totally different story whereby the new green revolution will greatly increase the number of jobs. A full conversion to green technologies and living essentially means that our social infrastructure would receive a total make over.

The goal is to have America leading the pack with these new technologies. However, if we wait much longer we may find that another Country has become the new global technology leader. We certainly don’t like the implication of that, since it represents a potential shift in global power.

We feel the establishment of an Environmental Party may break the political gridlock and place enough votes behind green technologies that it can “change the game” in the United States.

Crowd Funding Station has negotiated some incredible Rewards to help our group. So the question is will you crowd fund to help create the change we need?

Many of the smartest individuals in the world have cited that a new green revolution will create the largest financial boom that our world has ever seen. It will be the first major industry boost since the industrial revolution. Today this would come when humanity needs an overhaul like never before.

Today our American future is essentially for sale and unfortunately the highest bidders are big business. Oil, chemical and medical mega industries have simply outbid anything that would favor benefits to the people over big business interests.

Our current path has made a mess of our economy while people are losing their jobs along with the means of building a better life for their families. If you are ready for change then we are asking you to do your part in helping to create an Environmental Party.


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